The Green Chalice team is made up of those who choose to live out their faith by caring for Creation and also help guide our church in its endeavor to be good stewards of God's Creation.



In different ways, consciously and unconsciously, we seek to know ourselves. The more we know ourselves, the deeper our relationship is with others and with God.  Through the medium of art, therapist and artist Julia Wheeler will be leading us in creative activities that will help us get more in touch with our inner selves.  No artistic ability is required! 



 The purpose of Creation Spirituality to is awaken and be more aware of our inner spirits and how our spirits are part of God’s Spirit. 

Green Chalice Program

Awareness of our Environment

 Wake Forest Christian Church is a part of the Disciples of Christ Green Chalice movement ( 

We began our journey this year and seek to live out our faith by exploring new ways to walk gently on the earth.   Join us as we learn and grow through this program.    

Completed Improvements
 -Electrical System Upgrade  New interior / exterior light fixtures are LED  

  -New plumbing fixtures are water conserving fixtures 

  -Education articles on Green chalice program included in church newsletter.

  -HVAC system upgrade equipment and ducting meets current energy compliance and seer efficiency requirements 

  -New insulation R – Value usage has upgraded previous existing sub-standard insulation values 

  -All window and door replacements designs and glazing are energy code compliant

  -All HVAC heating fuel is now natural gas usage  


 Next Steps
 1.  Bring your Mug program - add personality to our coffee hour while reducing the use of disposable paper products.   

2.  Green Chalice Lunch & Learn Fellowship Hour - promote learning about ways we can impact climate change.   

3.  Compost bin purchase program - Promote the use of compost bins at home and the church, by providing discounted compost bins to church members and the wider community.    

4.  Compost program - Begin using compostable trash bags in the restrooms and other areas where paper towels and products are used.   

5.  Water pitchers or water coolers -  eliminate use of bottled water    


Creative Spirituality Through Art

All Supplies Provided

Explore your creativity with help from Julia and your fellow participants.  This is a no judgement zone, any and all imaginations are welcome.  There are ample mediums and supplies to enable you to celebrate your spirituality through water color, acrylics, pencil and crayon.  

This is a fun time with a lot of chat, laughter and some genuine admiration for what is produced here.  Come join us the last Sunday of each month, 3-4 pm in the Fellowship Hall.


Spirituality Through Movement

An Instructed Class

On the second Sunday of each month, 3-4 pm, Laura Wilson will be leading us in spiritual movement through the discipline of Tai Chi, a moving meditation. Unlike most meditation forms where you sit still, Tai Chi involves continuous, slow movement. It improves focus and makes people mindful of their movement. No athletic ability, flexibility, or prior experience of any kind is required.

Laura is a certified teacher of Tai Chi and other movement traditions.

This class meets in the Fellowship Hall.