Hope Partnership


New Beginnings


Wake Forest Christian Church

A motion was unanimously passed at the July Congregational Meeting to engage Hope Partnership and The Disciples' Church Extension Fund to guide us in a process of participatory discussion at home meetings to discuss not just our building and land, but the future of our church. This ultimately resulted in a New Beginnings Report with recommendations from the Hope Partnership and the Disciple Church Extension Foundation.


September 22​ - Congregational Meeting with Hope Partnership

This meeting was to inform the congregation of the studies done by Hope Partnership in our area. This information helped us understand who our community is and then who we are.

September 23 - Leadership Training

Three leaders were trained to facilitate our Group Meeting in late October. The Group Leaders were Harolyn Whitehead, Michael Stogner, and Carl Breazeale. The minister was also included in this training session.

Group Meetings

The church membership was asked to sign up to participate in a group meeting that focused on the future of Wake Forest Christian Church. The purpose of the meetings was to discern our mission and ministry. All of the groups met on Sunday, October 29th after church - and a sub lunch!


Group One began meeting on Wednesday, November 8 at 10:00 am in the Education Room at church and will met for four consecutive Wednesdays. Harolyn Whitehead was the leader.

Group Two began meeting on Sunday, November 5, in the afternoon for four consecutive Sundays. Michael Stogner was the leader.

Group Three met on Mondays at 6:30 pm beginning November 6 at the home of the Rice's and met for four consecutive Mondays. Carl Breazeale is the leader.

Late November - Consolation of Decision

House Group Leaders met to bring together their group discussions and the consensus of their groups. After the completion of the House Group meetings and leader consensus meeting, WFCC  scheduled another consultation with Hope Partnership to review decisions and outline the next appropriate steps. At that time New Beginnings made a formal report to the congregation.



Based on the outcome of the Group Meeting and the recommendations of New Beginnings Process, the congregation of Wake Firest Christian Church will affirm its present ministry, intensity its commitment to our community, and also make plans and take steps for additional directions in ministry.


You can download a copy of the report here: Wake Forest CC - Draft assessment report.