Welcome to Wake Forest Christian Church

Rabbi Rami Shapiro will be preaching in our worship service on Sunday, February 24th!

Rabbi Shapiro preached here last February. Those of us who listen with heart and mind appreciated the deeper truths that he believes and the humor that he uses to make his points. He also entertained questions at the end of the sermon. We encourage you to invite your friends to attend this service and hope that we will always practice what we say we believe: We honor all paths to the Holy.


Blessed are those faithfully live through transitions,
     knowing that transitions are never permanent.
Blessed are those who acknowledge their brokenness,
     for they have the courage to be whole in brokenness.
Blessed are those who do not fear being known;
     they are not frozen in and by fear.
Blessed are those whose first and last words are:
             We are loved forever by God.
J. David Griffin, D.Min.
Minister, Wake Forest Christian Church

Join Rabbi Rami Shapiro for a Holy Rascals Revival!!